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Creative Squall hits with the force of an F5 tornado, stripping your brand down to its essence, evaluating your industry forecast, and furiously building your identity to weather the changing marketplace. We specialize in logo design, visual identity development and integration across your brand portfolio. Our unique process is built around the four characteristics of the most successful visual identity systems in the marketplace — differentiation, flexibility, longevity and simplicity. Without these four ingredients you may have a pretty brand identity, but it probably won’t withstand the forces of your market. Unleash the forces of Creative Squall to storm your industry. Set up a meeting to discuss your next project!

What We Do

Creative Squall develops visual identities that connect to your target audience. At the heart of our process are the four most important factors — differentiation, flexibility, longevity and simplicity. The specific tactics we use would include:

Tad Dobbs

Principal + Creative Director

Tad is known by clients and colleagues as a well of inspiration always striving to produce design solutions and strategies that exceed expectations. His unique way of understanding people translates not only to marketing that connects with the target audience, but it helps mold the relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

With over 16 years of experience in the design, promotions and advertising industries, Tad has been involved in the design of full brand packages for national companies in the B2B and B2C markets, running the gamut of large to small businesses. Over his career he’s worked in many vertical markets including food & beverage, music & entertainment, health care, wireless communications, and business services.

Tad founded Creative Squall in 2009 with a sharp focus on delivering visual identity systems for lifestyle brands in the consumer marketplace. By employing a strategy-based approach to every project, the tactical elements of your brand resonate with your target audience on an emotional level. Tad has developed unique processes for visual identity design that cultivates objective, goal-based decisions. Many clients have remarked that the strategy is clearly communicated in every option presented, and the breadth of the research backs the strategy.


2012 Fort Worth Addy’s 3 golds

2011 Brands of the World logo awards bronze

2011 Fort Worth Addy’s 2 bronze & 2 silver

2010 Media Bistro Logo Awards bronze & silver

2010 Fort Worth Addy’s 2 bronze & 1 silver

January 2010 HOW Top 10 sites – “The Squall Line”

2009 MarCom Awards 2 platinums & 1 gold


Logo 3 from Zeixs

Logopond – Vol. 1

I Heart Logos – Season 3

Logolounge 7 from Rockport Books

Featured in May 2012 Issue of HOW magazine for the article “Fighting the Crowd”

Logos 2 by David Carter

Business Cards 1 by David Carter

Posters 2 by David Carter

I Heart Logos – Season 2

Letterhead + Logo Design 12 from Rockport Books

Synesthesia by Tad Dobbs

1000 More Greetings by Aesthetic Movement

Design DNA – Logos by Mathew Healey

I Heart Logos – Season 1

Basic Identity from Index Books

Logolicious by Peleg Top

Work featured in May 2010 Issue of HOW magazine for the article “You’re Invited”