Boston’s Pizza: To Go Menu Design

Defining the Problem

Boston’s Pizza needed to development a to go menu featuring holiday favorites that would be stuffed in take out bags ahead of the upcoming holiday season. They were looking for a less standard solution for a high-impact print piece incorporating die-cuts, folding and beautiful food and drink imagery. In addition, the menu needed to address the comfort foods of the holiday season directly.

Exploring the Solutions

Two versions were presented featuring big photography and holiday-themed copy writing headlines.

Open gate fold option for holiday take out menu

Version 1 uses an open-gate fold to reveal the menu options on the inside. The Christmas card type of design reinforces the togetherness of the holidays with the headline focused on sharing. The color palette uses the Boston’s Pizza brand colors of blue, red and cream.

Die-cut take out menu design

Version 2 references the shape and style of Christmas ornaments as a die-cut option full of bold brand color. The headlines focus on holiday food favorites and sharing for the holidays with big images to drive home the craveability. The blue and red brand colors double as vibrant holiday-themed colors.

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