Cockrell Enovation: Controlling the Chaos

Defining the Problem

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Cockrell Enovation has been providing printing and fulfillment services since 1964. With the growing demand for variable data or targeted marketing, digital printing has become one of the biggest growth areas for the company in the last decade. Cockrell Enovation has launched a new collateral management portal to control the on-going demands of franchisee and variable data needs for marketing managers.

Cockrell Enovation approached Creative Squall to help develop a program to educate medium to large size businesses on the effectiveness of the new system to help control the chaos. The five core services that we needed to focus the campaign around were printing, collateral management portals, targeted marketing or variable data, web-to-print and mailing & fulfillment.

Creating the Strategy

The common pains of cost and timing associated with the old print model using a sales rep is what steers most clients away from working with a brick and mortar print shop. By offering simple demos of the collateral management system and allowing them to print a semi-custom piece, the efficiency of timing and the value of the printed piece can be experienced in real time, eliminating their biggest fears.

Phase 1-direct mail, Phase 2-pURL, Phase 3-Portal, Phase 4-Delivery

Phase 1: Direct Mail with Variable Data

Develop a focused direct mail with an incomplete offer. The personalize direct mail should have a call to action to visit a URL to learn more.

Phase 2: Personalized URL

The call to action from the direct mail leads them to a pURL, and teaches them how to use pURLs to boost ROI. Upon visiting the site another piece of the incomplete offer becomes available to them. A call to action will include a link to demo the collateral management portal to develop a customized print piece.

Phase 3: Collateral Management Portal

The collateral management portal will walk them through the basics of customizing a print collateral piece with variable data, ordering quantities and shipping. It should be simple and intuitive to use, while being comprehensive enough to answer their workflow management needs. The call to action allows them to print a small set of customized business cards and stationery to be delivered with their other incentives.

Phase 4: Delivery

A sales rep delivers the customized business cards and stationery, a printed collateral piece featuring different stocks and finishing options, and the final incentive packaged together in a campaign branded presentation. At this point, the sales rep can answer any questions they have about the services they’ve demoed and get them signed up for the collateral management portal service.

Exploring the Solutions

Ideas for themes

Several themes for the campaign were presented including an exclusive secret agent “Be the Hero” theme, movie star “VIP Treatment” theme and three ring circus “Control the Chaos” theme.

Setting the Mood

moodboards for the three-ring circus concept, colors, type, photos, illustration style

After narrowing down the concept to “Control the Chaos” theme, we presented a couple of moodboards to start defining the visual style and tone of the overall campaign. Options included vintage custom photography and vintage custom illustration reflecting the classic circus poster feel.

Executing the Concept

Pencils were presented to began development of the overall theme and layout featuring circus personalities like the ringmaster, fire eater and snake charmer, and to explore the tactical elements of each phase.

pencils of the circus poster themed direct mail for phase 1

Phase 1

Direct mail which doubles as a fold out poster and holds a ticket to visit the pURL.

Pencils of the pURL for the three-ring circus theme

Phase 2

Personalized URL explaining how to use pURLs to increase your ROI, a video of the collateral management portal and call to action to receive personalized juggling balls.

Pencils for the print collateral created in phase 3 for the three-ring circus theme

Phase 3 & 4

Customized business cards, letterhead and thank you cards allowing visitors to customize with their contact information and pick from three circus characters.

Finalizing the Solution

The final Control the Chaos compaign featured three circus characters walking prospects through the features offered by Cockrell Enovation with a vintage circus poster tone.

Final direct mail poster with die-cut ticket

Final personalized URL web site design

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