First Cash Pawn: Icons to Promotions

Defining the Problem

First Cash Pawn offers a distinctive difference from standard pawn shops in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, South Carolina, Maryland and Virginia. With a focus on a clean and friendly environment, First Cash Pawn wanted to develop a visual identity that could be carried across the full brand portfolio to provide a consistent experience for customers visiting any location. With a strong focus on the bilingual market for most locations it was crucial that the visual identity work for both markets.

Universal Icons for Design

An iconography system was developed for the most popular items sold and purchased in the stores to use not only as a quick read for the bilingual market, but as an element of the visual vocabulary for the marketing materials.

First Cash Pawn icon system

Uniform Store Front Appeal

Large storefront window graphics for First Cash Pawn

Large window graphics were developed to give the stores a retail shop appeal while hiding less appealing areas of the store like storage areas. The graphics feature the new iconography as elements of the background branded with the yellow and green that customers were familiar with. Large headshots of happy customers pared with the headline “Cash at the Speed of Life” focused on the happiness that accompanies pawn loans.

Window graphics applied to store fronts of First Cash Pawn

Organizing the Store

A new way-finding system featuring the icons organizes the store for shoppers while providing a uniform set of departments for all the stores.

First Cash Pawn department signs

Promoting the Holidays

The new visual identity allowed for targeted promotional campaigns that helped drive sales in key areas of the shops.

Valentine’s Day

Promotional banners poster, counter cards, inserts and register cards offered 20% off all jewelry for Valentine’s Day.

First Cash Pawn Valentine's Day promotional banner and poster

Mother’s Day

Banner, posters, counter cards, inserts and register cards, as well as, ceiling danglers and table tents featured free jewelry cleaning, polishing and gift boxes for mom’s special day.

First Cash Pawn Mother's Day promotional insert and poster

First Cash Pawn Mother's Day promotion die-cut ceiling dangler


Two separate themes for banners, posters, counter cards, inserts, register cards and shelf labels featured video game ideas for the kids and jewelry ideas for that special someone. Each item talked about the interest free layaway plan.

First Cash Pawn Christmas promotion counter card, register card and poster

Check out the work section for more information about the First Cash Promotional Materials.

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