Premier Election Systems: New Program Direct Mail and Website

Defining the Problem

Rock garden image ad with "election zen" headlinePremier Election Systems launched a new initiative targeting civic groups, organizations as well as the traditional government agencies. The new program called Election Management Services offered pre-packaged election equipment and materials for rent. Having created a print ad internally, Premier wanted to build off the “election zen” theme to develop a targeted direct mail that drove leads to a website about Election Management Services. The challenge was taking a one-off ad, and expanding it to a multi-channel campaign that connected to the target audience while driving leads to the new website.

Exploring the Solutions

sketches of direct mail concepts for election management services

Sketches of the direct mail were developed to expand on the zen garden visual while tying the visual identity back to the Premier brand.

Two versions of the direct mail were presented featuring unexpected folds and die-cuts that would allow the outside to remain clean and zen-like while allowing the inside to reveal the specifics of the four programs.

election management services direct mail comp 1 (zen rock garden)

Version 1 builds directly off the existing ad with the zen rock garden image lending itself to a die-cut short trifold.

election management services comp 2 (bonsai tree)

Version 2 expands the zen rock garden with the use of a bonsai tree trimmed to mimic the Premier logomark. The accordion fold features a short fold which opens to reveal the details of the programs. The back featured the Premier green with contact information.

Finalizing the Solutions

Election Management Services accordion fold direct mail

Version 2 was developed with a few minor copy edits as the final direct mail piece.

Election Management Services website home page

The website continued to build off the expanded campaign using water elements, the bonsai tree and the rock garden while informing visitors about the specific solutions providing with the Election Management Services program.

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